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Name: Terri Glass
Location: Novato, CA
Occupation: Poet, writer and teacher
Current Position: Poet Teacher
Bay Area Schools

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Favorite Book: Selected poems of Rainier Maria Rilke
Favorite Quote: "I write to taste life twice." Anais Nin

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A writer of poetry since my early teens, I have been in love with language and its endless possibilities to convey truth and the mystery of the soul.
The Bird of Desire

It is dusk.
The fog bank rises over the hills,
and a wind howls through the oak filled valley.
I scan the ridge with a careful eye
for coyote, fire or buzzard passing.
I am neither raptor nor songbird,
my tail feathers aflame with yellow and red.
I will call out three times.
If you do not hear me,
I will circle this darkened sky
and bring a fiery light to your distant eyes.
I will scream through cloud and fogbank,
so my cry pierces through
to your very heart.
My talons will claw through earth
and scratch the oldest granite stone
to see water trickle out.
I am the wild within you.
Release me.
Release me.

Author's Bio

Terri Glass is a professional poet and writer who has been teaching poetry writing in the Bay area for twenty five years. A former biologist, she received a BA in biology from Western Washington University and later worked for the US Fish & Wildlife service before devoting full time to writing. Terri mentored under poets William Stafford and Robert Bly in her early years and later received her MFA in creative writing at the University of Southern Maine.

Terri currently coordinates the Marin program for California Poets in the School and served as their statewide director from 2008-11. She continues to work as a poetry teacher to K-12 students in both public and private schools in the Bay area. She has also taught adults classes in various venues from hospitals, senior centers to wildlife centers and has also conducted a Poetry and Nature class at the College of Marin

Her speciality is environmental and spiritual writing and she has been a national workshop leader for educators and therapists for the River of Words program, the National Poetry Therapy Association and for the international ChildSpirit conference.

Terri is the author of two books of poems Unveiling the Mystical Light, (Fisher-Dizick Publishing, 1991) and The Song of Yes (Ecstasy Ink, 2010), and a chapbook of haiku, Birds, Bees, Trees, Love, Hee Hee (Finishing Line Pres, 2015). She produced an award winning poetry and music CD called The Body of the Living Future (FoxPath Productions, 1998) and wrote Language of the Awakened Heart, a poetry guidebook for classroom teachers (Fund for Global Awakening Press, 2001). She has been featured in articles in the Marin Independent Journal, the Pacific Sun, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Also her interviews include Artist Dialogue and by the radio station, KWMR 90.5 FM. Her poems and articles have appeared in anthologies and journals such as About Place,The San Diego Poetry Annual, Adventum, ViVace, California Quarterly, Ginosko, Fourth River, Shadow and Light, Drumvoices, Back to JoyBesides the Sleeping Maiden, To Honor a Teacher, Paths to Learning and Science of Mind magazine.

Familiar with the book circuit, Terri has held readings at bookstores such as Book Passages, Copperfields, A Clean Well Lighted Place for Books, The Book Depot, Borders Books, Cody' s and Mo's Books in the Bay area. She has also read her poetry in open spaces, poetry festivals and poetry series sponsored by Poets & Writers in Nevada, Ventura and Mendocino counties.