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Swan and Drought

I am defined by blue,
blue sky, blue water.
Cloud white I am, once
a cloud floating on water.

I circle and circle
the summer sky
looking for the still blue pond--

I long to float on water
to fell the coolness seep
beneath my feathers,
my body buoyant as air itself.

I am tired of circling this sky.
I want the rain to slide
underneath my transulcent wings,
to rest on the pond
nestling my beak into my soft body.

Seasons pass. No water.
How long can I be a cloud
empty of rain? How long can the sky hold only white clouds?

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Just Another Day

It's just another doughnut day in the universe.
I want to smash my face into flour, fluff
and sweetness and forget anything that
prevents me from feeling the absolute joy of birdsong or yellow balloon
whether it be deadline of telephone line, the electronic busyness of our lives;
for there are rows of tulips conspiring pink and lovers breathless nest to
willow trees,
there are lilacs whispering mong their twisted trunks and windmills whirling
through Van Gogh's ear.
There is color everywhere
and sprinkles of hope in my heart
that you feel the freedom
of renegade rivers and the bast expanse
of starry starry nights.
Connect the dots, the body of water
between us, this great flood of love
that seeps through and beyond the earth.

Published in Back to Joy anthology, 2014, Andrew McMeel Publishers